Why Buy YUMBO HAMMER – Reason 1/3


  • Greater solidity and compactness

  • Greater duration over time

  • Less risk of breakage

  • Less number of components

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Easier disassembly and reassembly

The absence of the 4 tie rods that assemble the upper head with the lower head, a typical system of traditional hammers, gives a decidedly superior solidity to the whole body of the hammer. The breakage of the tie rods, in fact, is very frequent in NON MONOBLOCK hammers, and involves the replacement of at least two tie rods even if only one breaks.

hammer with an INNOVATIVE CASE

  • Greater visibility to the operator at the point where he is demolishing

  • Enables better use in trench demolition, allowing the operator to reach deeper points without being hindered by the base of traditional cases

  • Modern style fits perfectly on all newer models of excavators and skid steers

  • The soft color easily matches all brands of excavators and skid steers, and does not tire the operator's eyes even on particularly sunny days, reducing the reflection effect.


Compared to traditional hammers totally enclosed within the casing, the YUMBO hammer, has a reduced casing.

Great quality LOW PRICE

The unbeliveable compromise between quality and price thanks to:

  • the use of the best quality steels

  • high precision machinery

  • state-of-the-art components

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