Why Buy YUMBO HAMMER – Reason 3/3

Great quality LOW PRICE

The unbeliveable compromise between quality and price thanks to:

  • the use of the best quality steels

  • high precision machinery

  • state-of-the-art components

why to buy yumbo hammer best prices

hammer that uses the SINGLE EFFECT

  • Less oil overheating for the benefit of greater excavator reliability

  • Lower machine consumption, in terms of diesel, thanks to the aforementioned single effect

  • Less environmental impact, for less fuel consumption thanks to the greater disruptive power that guarantees the completion of the job in less time

  • Withstands high oil COUNTERPRESSURE

The hydraulic oil of the machine that arrive from the delivery pipe is used, by the distributor, exclusively to make the piston rise in the nitrogen chamber (accumulator), without having an active function during the descent phase of the piston entrusted only to the gas providing the the aforementioned advantages.


  • Equipped with excellent soundproofing

  • Free from vibrations that could damage the pipes or even the excavator arm

This result is due to the top and bottom caps and intermediate rings.

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